High school students participate in annual Model Congress at AIC

This weekend marks the 77th Annual Model Congress at American International College

SPRINGFIELD, Mass (WWLP) – High School students studying to possibly one day become future lawmakers had their annual three day debate at American International College in Springfield today.

These High School students are simulating what members of congress do. Debating and voting on legislation ranging from immigration to considering changing the way election work in the U.S.

Ashley Zecca, a high school junior from Pope Francis high school, said, “I personally love debating so this has all been so worth it.”

This weekend marks the 77th Annual Model Congress at American International College. The three day debate brings students from High Schools throughout the northeast to vote on key issues.

Students involved in this mock legislative process gives them an understanding of the way our congressman and senators make the nation’s laws and some hope to one day enter the political arena.

Trevaughn Smith from Sabis International Charter School said, “I actually plan on becoming a lawyer in my future aspirations. So I actually believe that having model Congress is just prepping me for things like this. How lawyers have to constantly read and analyze and I just feel that Model Congress gives me the political as well as analytical experience to do things like that.”

The debate also offers opportunities to top candidates. First place gets a four year tuition scholarship. Second, third, and fourth receive half and quarter year scholarships.  Everyone who participated got to hear and meet Congressman Richard Neal.

Massachusetts State Representative, Richard Neal, said, “They imparted great wisdom to me through the questions that they asked, their enthusiasm, and I hope in the not too distant future they will be the candidates for public office.”

13 Schools participated this year. Model congress has been an annual event at American international college since 1940. The nation’s longest running event of its kind.