Will Uber & Lyft background checks help taxi companies?

Yellow Cab has seen business slip by about 12%

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Yellow Cab in Springfield admit to 22News that they can’t compete with Uber or Lyft on price, but said they offer a safer ride. Their cars are inspected and they have in-house mechanics.

Yellow Cab co-owner Fara Bahrehmand told 22News Uber and Lyft are still largely unregulated, while the taxi industry has more overhead and has to play by a more strict set of rules.

“This was a great decision to at least do the background checks,” Bahrehmand said. “I’m hoping soon we can see fingerprinting and other regulations like decals on the cars because right now we have no idea which cars are Ubers.”

Bahrehmand said they’ve seen business slip by about 12% since the formation of Uber and Lyft. He added that he still sees a future for a taxi service, but knows the industry needs to change with changing technology.

On Friday, Uber and Lyft drivers in Massachusetts began background checks to bar sex offenders and check driving records.

Massachusetts to begin Uber, Lyft driver background checks