Voice assistant technology and your privacy

LAS VEGAS, Neva. (NBC News) – Digital assistants are becoming more popular.

Amazon sold a record number of “Alexa” enabled devices this holiday season and now at the Consumer Electronics Show, voice assistants are moving in to every room of the house.

“Basically they’re helpers that live in your devices that you can call on to ask for simple information, simple commands,” explains CNET’s Roger Cheng.

The sound of your voice can control your fridge, door locks and even your robot lawnmower.

“The idea is that sooner or later you wont be talking to your devices, your devices will be talking to each other to make your life better,” Cheng says.

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They’re not only listening to us, but also learning about us. The more you interact with your devices, the better they can serve you and predict what you want.

“That’s a little scary a lot of these companies will have access to some very personal data and you can imagine that that data could be vulnerable or it could be used for advertising,” Cheng notes.

While companies work to secure that data, internet connections make them a potential target for cyber-thieves.

Industry leaders like Amazon and Google say that they take privacy and security very seriously, promising to erase ambient recordings and encrypt data from conversations with assistants.

However, third party companies that use voice assistants in their own devices may not be so diligent.

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