Army mom surprises daughters during class

She just jumped up and then I think Caroline reacted to the fact that Lindsay was jumping out of her chair

(CNN) – U.S. army colonel Beth Prekker wasn’t expected to be home until later this month. However, when those plans changed, she decided to surprise her two daughters at school.

It’s supposed to be just another class at Cosby high school. The students, told the media was there to cover their teacher. Sophomore Caroline Prekker sits quietly next to her sister Lindsay, a student at old dominion. There today as a guest speaker. The topic, health care for veterans and how it affects families. Another guest speaker, Lindsay and Caroline’s mom who has been deployed for a year in Iraq. She’s set to skype with the class but there’s a technical issue or so the girls think.

Col. Beth Prekker, U.S. Army said, “I stood behind the column and I started tearing up I almost started crying because I was just so excited and I was like let’s get this over with I want to see them.”

Lindsay Prekker, daughter said, “I knew that my dad was supposed to be here so I was keeping an eye out for him and I looked out of the corner of my eye and saw him and it didn’t even register that she was there.”

She just jumped up and then I think Caroline reacted to the fact that Lindsay was jumping out of her chair. She didn’t even know what was going on. i was honestly extremely confused.

It’s a tearful reunion for mom and both girls. It’s the fifth deployment between their mother and father they’ve had to deal with and when asked what the most difficult part has been.

Beth Prekker said, “Just not having them around. Going through the big stuff and not being able to have them with you. People don’t realize how much physical touch plays in your emotions and to be able to hold on to somebody that I love so dearly that I missed so much, I mean you can see Caroline and I are still linked.”

Family and friends relieved they don’t have to keep the surprise a secret anymore.

Beth Prekker Husband said, “It’s one of those things, it doesn’t matter how many times you do this, it’s always new and it’s a great welcome, it’s always fun.”

Colonel Prekker says while time has been precious, their family always makes it count.

Beth Prekker said, “The time that we are together we make sure that it’s quality time so we’ve definitely made the most of it.”