Tax hike in Massachusetts has not been ruled out

Governor Baker has about two more weeks to finalize his budget proposal

Image: Thinkstock

BOSTON, Mass (WWLP) – Massachusetts Democratic leaders have not ruled out raising taxes as lawmakers prepare to craft a new state budget. Ludlow State Representative, Democrat Thomas Petrolati told 22News that raising taxes should be the last resort.

State budget writers are keeping a close eye on tax revenues. The state collected nearly $2.5-billion in taxes in December. That’s $50-million above the monthly goal, according to the state Department of Revenue. Still, the state is short $38-million needed to support the budget.

State lawmakers are considering whether to restore the Governor’s budget cuts totaling $98-million. Petrolati said that amid all these budget problems, he’s reluctant to raise taxes; “Well, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it, but right now I think that there’s going to be a little more belt tightening before we take a look at taxes.”

Governor Charlie Baker has about two more weeks to finalize his budget proposal. That’ll give us a better idea of how much he plans to spend, and how much he plans to cut in the upcoming fiscal year.