Massachusetts mall rampage: Heroism unites strangers

George Health is credited for saving a waitress who was 8-weeks pregnant at the time

(CNN) – Back in May of 2016, two people were killed and a total of four were stabbed in attacks at a home and a shopping mall in Taunton, Massachusetts. Now, more information of that tragic event have been unfolded.

The chaos erupted at the Silver City Mall in Taunton, Massachusetts. An emotionally disturbed man crashed his car into Macy’s, then lunged at terrified shoppers and employees before racing out and into a nearby restaurant.

Rosemary Heath, a restaurant patron, said, “We were just laughing and joking then we heard the scream.” Rosemary and her husband George were at the bar getting dinner when they heard the screams and saw the man repeatedly stabbing the waitress.

“George had grabbed him from the front and whipped him around the bar to get him away from us,” said Rosemary. George, a high school visual arts teacher, grabbed the man from behind, trying to pin his arms.

Laura Creed, another restaurant patron, said, “Then I saw the knife go up in the air.” Laura, who is a trauma nurse, was having dinner with husband Jim, a Plymouth County Sheriff’s Deputy, off-duty at the time.

Jim quickly drew his gun. Rosemary said, “I heard him tell him to drop his weapon. So I immediately felt I was safe and I went down to George.” However, the attacker did not drop the knife. Jim said, “He just suddenly started charging towards me.”

Laura said, “I heard the shot go off. I could hear all the screaming, all commotion.” Jim said, “The last thing I wanted to do was use my weapon in the course of duty but it was basically him or us.”

Laura said, “At that point Jim called, shouted for me to come over and help George, take care of George. I did the best I could.” George had been stabbed in the head.

Rosemary said, “I knew it was really bad and I knew that he wasn’t going to make it. I had to say goodbye, I had to tell him it was okay to go.”

George is credited for saving the waitress who was 8-weeks pregnant at the time; Jim is credited for saving Rosemary and countless others.

(Rosemary how would you describe the deputy?’) Rosemary said, “He’s my hero. Jim saved my life.”

(How would you describe George?) Jim said, “I would say George is the hero. George reacted very quickly, very selfishly.”

Jim, now a Lieutenant, named his new K-9 after George, a hero he never met. Rosemary and the Creed’s have become close friends. Laura said, “We went in as two separate couples but we’re now a family.” A family united by tragedy, fate, and courage.