Holyoke fire victim talks about saving her 2-year-old daughter from fire

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – 18 year old Briana Serrano will always be grateful to the people who rescued her and her 2 year old daughter during that deadly fire in Holyoke New Year’s morning.

Briana Serrano is recovering from her injuries at Baystate Medical Center. Serrano lived on the fourth floor of the North East street apartment building with her boyfriend and young child. They awoke New Year’s Day to the smell of smoke and the roar of flames

“The smoke was so harsh to breath in, I’m going, ‘to jump you’re going to die,’” said Briana Serrano.

Her first thoughts were to save her 2-year-old, “There was a group of guys that held out a blanket. It was so terrifying, I knew I had to save her. I told them please don’t let my daughter fall, they held out the blanket.” Serrano tossed her 2-year-old daughter out the window to people on the ground who safely caught her.

Serrano then explains about jumping out of the window herself, “Once I threw myself out of the window, I fell right on my butt, after that I don’t remember nothing, I was in so much pain.”

The teenage mom suffered broken bones and a back injury in the fall. Her boyfriend suffered burns. Briana feels to the people who saved her and her baby, “The people that helped me, I thank God to have beautiful spirits, I wish I could pay you guys.”

Three people died as a result of that fire.

Briana is still recovering from her injuries and said she’ll  be forever grateful to the people who helped her escape from that burning fourth floor apartment.