Facebook Live crimes across the country

A man stole a police cruiser in Tulsa and streamed his ride live on Facebook

(CNN) – It is part of a disturbing trend?

In June of 2016 in Chicago, Antonio Perkins was on Facebook Live, drinking tequila with friends. It’s the last thing he does before he’s shot dead. Perkins fell to the ground, his camera does too but keeps recording. Police looked into whether Perkins killer used Facebook Live to pinpoint his location, but a suspect was never identified.

In Norfolk, Virginia, a month after that shooting, three men were hanging out in a car, singing along to music; all of it streaming over Facebook Live. Their music was suddenly interrupted by gunfire, and the camera fell but keeps streaming.

More than two dozen shots are fired in just about 20 seconds. A man who comes to their rescue is heard off camera. The victims ask for medical attention, and the men all survived.

Weeks later, U.S. Marshals arrested Tony Angelo Roundtree, and charged him with using a firearm during a felony and shooting into an occupied vehicle but said he’s innocent. A grand jury could still indict him.

In October of 2016, a man used Facebook Live to boast about shooting five people and fatally stabbing two others. Michael Vance was on the run and using Facebook Live to taunt police but the week long manhunt ended in a shoot-out. Vance was killed at the scene.

The same month, a man stole a police cruiser in Tulsa and used the officer’s iPad to stream his ride live on Facebook. After a high speed chase, the man was arrested. Among the charges, police said he faces using an electronic device while driving. He was due in court last month, but there was no record of his plea.

In Baton Rouge, New Year’s Day, an attempted kidnapping live-streamed on Facebook. That suspect and another man tried to force the victim out of the home, using a slang term for murder to describe their plans on the live feed. They were later arrested and charged with among other things, attempted second degree murder and attempted kidnapping. It appears they had yet entered a plea.