Deployed dad watches baby’s birth via facetime

Little Marty got his first look at dad and his first smell of him too

(CNN) – A military man got the chance to see his first child being born, all thanks to the power of facetime. The bonds are separated by an ocean but they do what many military families do, they improvise.

Mariah Vaughan said, “It really felt like he was there the whole time.”

Mariah Vaughan went into labor December 16th. Her husband martin, stationed in japan, was there for the 31-hour labor and birth via facetime. The Rio rancho couple overjoyed once Martin Marty Earl Vaughan the fourth finally arrived.

Vaughan said, “It was really emotional. I remember there was a time when my mom put the phone in front of me and I just looked at him and I start crying and he started crying.”

This is the high school sweethearts’ first baby. Though using a phone for this wasn’t ideal, Mariah says it was like they were all in that hospital room together.

Vaughan said, “We brought him up to my chest and my doula actually had the phone right on us.”

Little Marty got his first look at dad and his first smell of him too.

Vaughan said, “I have a shirt that I have my husband wear before he left, and I just put it in a bag and I just draped it over my shoulders so that he could smell him.”

Marty has a full head of hair and is doing well at home. Well, he is a newborn.

Vaughan said, “He’s sleeping a lot, but he’s still as new as day for me.”

The family still connecting through facetime daily. This spring, dad will be able to look at his baby’s eyes and do something that he hasn’t been able to do yet, hold his son.