Chaos, confusion following airport shooting

FT LAUDERDALE, Flor. (NBC News) – Chaos and panic erupted inside the Fort Lauderdale Airport Friday when a gunman opened fire shortly after one o’clock.

“He wasn’t targeting anyone specifically just randomly shooting people,” said witness John Schlicher.

At least five people were killed, eight others wounded.

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Witnesses say it happened near the baggage claim area of Terminal 2, that the gunman never spoke, and was able to reload his handgun at least twice, firing until he was out of ammunition.

“Once he finished shooting, he went down by my Door 2 and threw his gun down and laid on the ground spread eagle until the first officer came, which was probably a minute later,” said witness Mark Lea.

“He’s unharmed. No law enforcement fired any shots. The subject is being interviewed by a team of FBI agents,” Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel later confirmed.

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