Airport security increased at Bradley after mass shooting in Florida

22News found out what measures are in place to keep travelers safe

WINDSOR LOCKS, Conn. (WWLP) – Security is the main concern for airports across the country this weekend after that deadly shooting at in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Jamie Wallace of Westfield, who flew in from Florida of Friday, told 22News, “We were up in the sky and were seeing this happening, and you sort of look around of course and wonder could there be a carry-on? Is it only in baggage claim? How did that get through?”

The shooting took place inside the airport’s baggage claim, an area that anyone can enter freely without going through any screening. One flyer told 22News it highlights the need for more security there.

U.S. veteran arrested in Florida airport shooting; 5 dead, 8 wounded

“I always thought it was a little odd for it just to be a free area where everyone can come and go,” said Jonathan Moore of Manchester, Conn. “I mean we go through a lot of effort to protect people coming in and traveling. I don’t see why we wouldn’t take similar efforts to protect people going out.”

22News didn’t just speak to people landing at Bradley International Airport on Friday, we also spoke with Connecticut State Police to find out what security measures are in place at baggage claim.

State Police Sgt. Karen Gabianelli said, “We have patrols. We have troopers in vehicles outside that are patrolling around. We have K-9 officers that their dogs can protect explosives.”

We asked Sgt. Gabianelli if the Florida shooting would impact how police secure the baggage claim area. She replied, “Absolutely. It’s all fluid and it’s something that needs to be discussed.”