Tomorrow’s technology displays at Consumer Electronic Show

It's making everyday things smarter

(NBC News) – The Consumer Electronics Show gets underway Thursday in Las Vegas.

Thousands of companies from around the world will unveil products and technologies you might use in the near future.

From fitness trackers that fit on your finger to robots that will give you directions at the airport, this year’s hot buzz phrase is “The Internet of Things” or IOT.

It’s making everyday things you’ve used your whole life, like your fridge or your bed, smarter.

That’s not all.

Immotor is launching a lightweight, “green” personal vehicle that’s easy to fold and carry with you.

“You can simply fold it and take it with you whether it’s into a coffee shop or a restaurant,” says Immotor founder and CEO Daniel Huang.

Televisions are getting bigger, thinner and clearer, with some now just as thick as a couple coins stacked together, and there are apps like Plex, which puts all of your movies, music, and pictures on every device you own.

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