Technology designed to help you get to sleep

For the first time CES will have a sleep tech marketplace

(CNN) – Let’s face it, we all need more sleep. For the first time CES, also known as the Consumer Electronics Show, will have a sleep tech marketplace.

Displaying all the soon to be available devices dedicated to giving you a good night’s sleep, but there are products on the market now that can help you get quality shut-eye.

It can be tough to get a good night sleep. Pesky pets, strong snoring and noisy neighbors can interrupt your dreams. However, while some gadgets can be blamed for keeping you up, like your smartphone, others can make your night’s rest better.

The Tranquil Moments bedside speaker and sleep sounds has 12 programs like ocean surf, white noise, and rain designed to promote better sleep.

Nightingale has two speakers that blanket your room with ambient sound, blocking out indoor and outdoor noises.

If you or your partner makes the noise, Nora can help. It stops snoring by slightly moving your pillow throughout the night.

Does the alarm clock jolt you awake? Try the Philips Wake Up Light. It slowly simulates the sunrise to help you naturally get up and moving.

So you don’t spend your days focused on your sleep.