Did fire, not ice, bring down the Titanic?

The fire weakened the hull right where the iceberg hit

(CNN) – The ship that was thought to be unsinkable, the Titanic, sank. We know that. Now, the ice we thought brought it down, may actually have been, fire!

Is the world’s most famous iceberg being put on ice? Did fire and ice team up to sink the titanic?

That’s what a new documentary scheduled to air later this month on the Smithsonian channel said.

Smithsonian Channel mentioned, “New evidence of an overlooked incident afflicting the super ship. Look at this anomaly in the hull. Wow.”

Titanic expert Senan Molony says recently uncovered photos show a 30-foot mark on the Titanic’s hull.

Senan Molony said, “The first thing that struck us this is the exact location, not only where the iceberg strikes but also where there had been a spontaneous coal fire all through the maiden voyage in 1912.”

Molony says surviving firemen from the ship spoke about the fire when they reached land.

Molony said, “Quoted every one of them as saying that there was a serious fire on board.”

Even if we never heard about it from Leonardo or Kate. More like frying below decks. It’s believed the coal fire had burned for days as crew members tried to put it out.

Molony said, “That level of temperature is robbing the steel, it’s turning it soft so it’s losing 75% of its strength.”

Weakening the hull right where the iceberg hit.

The fire theory isn’t new. It’s been smoldering for years. It was addressed briefly at the official inquiry but was played down.

Some on social media mocked the resurrected theory. “Bull. The lookout was texting at the time of impact.”

Do you think the iceberg is getting a bad rap?

Molony said, “It was not the iceberg acting alone. The iceberg had co-conspirators if you like.”

It would be ironic if fire would take some of the heat off the iceberg.