Chicago torture video: 4 charged with hate crimes, kidnapping

Another disturbing detail, the victim and one of the suspects, Jordan Hill were friends

(CNN) – 4 people are in custody, accused of torturing a mentally disabled man live on Facebook. It’s hard to watch. An 18 year old with a mental disability, tied up and cowering in the corner.

His attackers hit and kick and even cut his hair with a knife until his scalp starts to bleed. The assault is streamed live on Facebook. A woman whose recording laughs as the victim is tortured.

Kevin Duffin, Chicago Police Department said, “It appears that he was in that physical position, tied up in the corner for about 4 or 5 hours.”

Two 18-year old men and two women, one 18, the other 24, are now behind bars. The suspects are all African American. The victim is white.

The video is full of racially charged epithets just part of the reason police are calling this a hate crime.

Duffin said, “His diminished mental capacity. The fact that they tied him up. The obvious racial quotes that they post live on facebook, taking the totality of the circumstances the state’s attorney agreed with us they saw hate crime charges.”

Another disturbing detail, the victim and one of the suspects, Jordan Hill were friends.

In fact the incident began days earlier at this McDonalds in the suburb of Streamwood, Illinois when the victim’s mom dropped him off to meet up with Hill on New Year’s Eve.

His parents called Streamwood police on Monday to file a missing person’s report because they couldn’t reach their son, and he had been without his medication for days.

Police found the victim wondering this street on Tuesday, they say he was bloodied, battered, wearing a tank top and shorts in freezing weather and he was too distraught they say to even speak. Investigators say the assault happened about a block away the victim managed to escape when a neighbor interrupted the assault and called police.”

Eddie Johnson, Chicago Police Department Superintendent said, “Thankfully the victim in this incident will recover from his injuries.”