Accepting your body this new year

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – The new year is here, and for many of us, our body weight is weighing heavily on our minds. Terry Standish, our Visual Intuitive Guide with lent us a third eye into feeling more comfortable in the skin we are in, even when our body is not at the ideal weight we prefer.

  1. Mindset– When our thoughts are set up to honor, love and care for anything we own, including our bodies, we tend to make better choices around how we treat it and care for it. What we think about is what we help to create.
  2. Acceptance verses Shame– Acceptance is an awareness of where you are without a negative attachment to where we are wanting to move in the process. This allows us to move into a productive action for the outcome we want. Shame on the other hand is punishing ourselves for where we are right now. Those feelings only keep us stuck in the emotion of creating a “lack” of action. We can then only see what is missing and lacking in our lives right now which is what we don’t want.
  3. Comparing verses Competing– We are all an original master piece; a work of art constantly being modeled and shaped by our thoughts like clay. Comparing and competing even with our old self is a waste of our energy. It is only in the here and now moments that we can be connected to our beauty and happiness, within ourselves. If we can do this with our friends and loved ones as they age and change, we can begin to do the same with ourselves.
  4. Set up a Win- Win– Focus on becoming the best version of you every day, at this age and stage of life, as you go. Set realistic out looks and become aware of the pit falls when you are setting yourself up to fail so you can begin to change those thoughts and behaviors.
  5. Celebrate the steps and stages of success- Focus on all the goodness that are bringing into your life as you are moving closer to where you want to go with this new and more healthy body. How you dress it and address it matters today not just after you lose the weight. You deserve to celebrate you at all stages! Be your own cheerleader that you will want to be around rather than the person you are trying to avoid. You will be glad you did. By considered all parts of you … mind-body-heart- soul you will begin the journey of feeling whole and complete.J copyright 2017