Why you should get rid of your Christmas tree now

Some trees have been up since Thanksgiving

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) –  If your Christmas tree is still up, its most likely a fire hazard at this point. 22News spoke with the West Springfield Fire Department, who advised that if your Christmas tree is still up, its time to take that down, especially since some trees have been up since Thanksgiving.

Some trees have been up since Thanksgiving, which means your pushing your luck with keeping your tree up longer. 22News talked to the West Springfield Fire Department who said your tree is now a fire hazard. Lieutenant CJ Bartone told 22News, “Most trees have Christmas lights on them so you have a wire hazard right on top of a pine tree, you have people maybe smoking in the house so that could be a careless disposal of smoking material.”

Whether your tree is inside or outside it is still a fire hazard. If your tree is outside, all it takes is a flick of a cigarette and that dry tree outside can still catch on fire. If you do take your tree down don’t put it by your house or against the siding.

Even if you have been taking care of your Christmas tree and watering it there is a way to tell that it is too dry. The needles themselves start falling off the tree you definitely have a significantly dry tree. You can tell when to take your tree down by how much of the needles are on the ground. That will tell you just how dry your tree is.

You can talk with your local public works department to see how to properly get rid of your Christmas tree. Each town has their own rules.

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