Preventing furniture tip-over tragedies

fallen dresser
Amazing nanny-cam video shows Utah toddler lift fallen dresser off twin brother.

MOUNT JOY, Pa. (WHTM) – A viral video is described by parents as chilling.

The video shows a pair of two-year-old brothers climbing on a dresser in their Utah home. The dresser tips over as the twins stand on the open drawers, pinning one of the boys until his brother pushes the dresser off him. None of the boys was hurt.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission says once every 24 minutes, a child is injured because of falling furniture.

Ken Long, a manager at JB Hostetter and Sons, said most hardware stores sell kits designed to keep furniture upright. He said there are do-it-yourself versions as well. He explained you need a nylon strap, a drill, and two screws.

Long showed ABC27 News that it’s important to connect one end of the strap to the piece of furniture and the other end to the wall.

“This is a pretty strong nylon strapping,” he said. “I would say it would take pretty much to tear it.”

Long said materials for the do-it-yourself anchor cost about one dollar.

Senator Bob Casey (D-Pennsylvania) said the video “should be a wake-up call for every member of Congress that our children need safety standards right away.”

He said he’ll reintroduce the STURDY Act that would direct the CPSC to adopt a stronger, mandatory stability standard for clothing storage units.

“Unstable dressers and storage units continue to present a danger to our nation’s kids,” Casey said in a statement. “It’s a miracle that a life wasn’t lost in this incident, and the next child may not be so fortunate.”