Knife-wielding robber holds up gas station

In the video the suspect appears to count the money and runs down the street

(CNN) – Felipe Tamup is back at work standing in the same spot where he was robbed at knifepoint just one day earlier.

Felipe Tamup, Clerk said, “I’m scared, just I don’t, I not move. / I could see the knife, so it was a big knife, yeah.”

His harrowing ordeal began just before six o’clock Monday night. A man walked in pretending to buy a soda. Then he slipped a note with the word “dinero”, Spanish for money. It happened at Grampy’s corner store on Newport Avenue in Attleboro.

Felipe said, “He ask for me the money. It’s uh, he tell me, ‘I need the money.’ OK, I give the, I tell for him, I give you $2. I help you for $2. And he tell me, all the money.”

Then the suspect flashed a knife under his hoodie.

Felipe said, “He told me, you don’t call the police after 5 minutes, or I’ll come back for you.”

In the video the suspect appears to count the money and runs down the street. Police believe the suspect took off in a parked vehicle on Clayton Street. Tamup estimates he lost six to seven hundred dollars.

Felipe said, “I’m work all the time. I need money for my building, my rent, everything, but this, for yesterday, not easy.”

Not easy, especially since this is the second time he’s been robbed. The suspect in that case was caught. Tamup hopes police can do the same in this case.

Felipe said, “For now he robs the money. Next time I think he kill somebody with the knife.”