Hampshire County swore in its new Sheriff

Cahillane told 22News he has a clear vision for the future of the Hampshire County Sheriff's Department

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – On January 4th, Patrick Cahillane went from being the Assistant Superintendent of the jail to Hampshire County Sheriff. More than 100 people attended the Cahillane’s swearing in ceremony on Wednesday.

Now retired, Sheriff Robert Garvey told 22News Cahillane is more than ready to take on the responsibilities that come with the job; “He certainly has served in every capacity within the facility, his knowledge of corrections and his experience of the facility is going to work very favorably for him.”

Cahillane said one of his top priorities as sheriff is to strengthen the work being done at the Hampshire County House of Corrections; he will oversee the operation of the Hampshire County Jail. He said, “Re-entry starts on day 1 and we want to continue that process, so building out the reentry into the program is probably one of the top priorities we will focus on.”

Cahillane’s “re-entry program” refers to providing a path for inmates to re-enter society as productive law-abiding community members. Sheriff’s serve 6 year terms in Massachusetts.

Cahillane won a three-way Democratic primary in September, and then went on to defeat Republican David Isakson in November. He replaces Garvey, who has held the sheriff’s office since the 1980’s.