Franklin County Sheriff Chris Donelan sworn in for second term

Sheriff Donelan is credited with helping to transform hundreds of inmates' lives

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP)- Franklin County Sheriff Chris Donelan was sworn in for the second time Wednesday at the old Franklin County Jail in Greenfield, which is right next door to the new correctional  facility.

Local leaders, corrections officers, and former inmates spoke about Donelan’s character, work ethic, and accomplishments.

“His professional attitude is by far above anybody that I have been involved with in this department,” said Tim Waldron, Civil Processes Officer at the Franklin County House of Correction. “He just holds himself well in the community.”

Police departments in Franklin County have also benefited from Donelan’s tenure.

“Working with the sheriff is crucial, he’s really stepped up his game when it comes to training officers bringing the county together for training,” said Greenfield Police Chief Robert Haigh.

Sheriff Donelan will serve another six years as Franklin County Sheriff at the Franklin County Jail and House of Correction in Greenfield. He said he’s proud of what his agency has accomplished, but he’s focused on the future.

“We need to break away from the work we are doing for the guys here now and focusing on their future,” said Sheriff Donelan. “Sending them home as capable and committed fathers, which helps to break the cycle within families and focus on the next generation.”

Donelan told 22News he wants to maintain constant communication with local social service agencies that support the inmates after they leave the jail.

Donelan said he’s most proud of improving the treatment program at the jail, which puts more focus on inmates’ underlying mental health issues.