Dr. Phil – “‘My mother thinks she’s dying but it’s all in her head'”

Cathy has had over 100 blood tests, CAT scans, and MRIs

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (CBS) – Adrienne says her mother, Cathy’s, severe anxiety has her believing she is dying every day from a life-threatening illness.

Adrienne says in just the past six months, her mother has seen over 75 doctors and specialists, and called 911 and been taken by ambulance to the hospital multiple times a week.

After over 100 blood tests, CAT scans, and MRIs, Adrienne says Cathy refuses to accept the non-life threatening results.

Adrienne says her mother refuses to live in her own home and has moved in with her Aunt Deborah because she believes she needs her vitals monitored by someone constantly.

Adrienne says her mother refuses to believe she is suffering from anxiety and believing she is dying has become her identity.

Deborah, who says she’s had enough of chauffeuring her sister to doctor’s appointments and following the ambulances to the hospital, is desperate for Cathy to move out.

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