Congressman Neal discusses healthcare, Massachusetts economy

Rep. Neal would also like to see growth of the college education system in Massachusetts

richard neal
U.S. Rep. Richard Neal (D-Springfield) is seen here in a WWLP file image from 2015

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Media General) – Congressman Richard Neal was in Washington D.C. on Wednesday. He spoke about the Democrat’s meeting with President Obama and what his hopes are for Massachusetts.

Congresmman Neal said the meeting with Obama was a call to defend the many achievements they have witnessed over the past eight years. He also said that he hopes there will be a special committee to investigate Russian hacking.

Neal also talked about what he wants to accomplish in Massachusetts. “Even though Massachusetts economy seems to be performing better than the rest of the country with an advertised unemployment rate of about three percent,” he explained, “not to miss the point there are still a lot of people hurting.”

Congressman Neal also said he wants to continue the growth of the college systems and health to address questions people may still have.