Woman reportedly mailed marijuana instead of toys

The shipment came from a California-based company called Jakks

(CNN/WTEN) – “I was able to smell it. I knew something was up right away.” It was just last Thursday when Pamela Marks was waiting for a package. “We opened it up and I thought it was going to be toys.”

She writes reviews for a variety of products on her website. “We’re a family friendly site, that’s the first thing we always tell everyone because we don’t want anything too funky.”

Marks has received thousands of shipments through the years. Usually its items like clothes or toys, but not this time. “Thought it was wrapped in this green foam.”

It was marijuana, and not just a little, seven pounds worth. The shipment was coming from a California-based company called Jakks. “They said after Christmas I would get a package. Well I did get a package, but it wasn’t toys.”

After her initial shock, Marks called the sheriff’s department and handed the drugs over. The mother of two children hopes it teaches her kids a valuable lesson; “As a parent, if you get a product or anything delivered to you and you know something’s not right, call the authorities and have them come check it out because you just never know.”

Thousands of shipments over the years, but this is one she’ll never forget. “I think I’ve opened probably about 3,500 packages. So one out of every 3,500 should be something strange I guess, I don’t know.”

Marks said she has yet to hear back from the company about the package. Police said the incident is under investigation.