What to expect at CES

People from over 150 countries will be attending CES

(CNN) – Get excited techies. Wednesday, CES or the Consumer Electronics Show opens in Las Vegas and it promises to showcase the latest and greatest tech gadgets and gear.

For a couple of days this week, Las Vegas will be taken over by CES. It’s the world’s largest consumer technology trade show and it’s been going on for 50 years.

CES showcases the hottest trends in technology. From eye popping TV’s to self-driving cars. Virtual reality to wireless wearables. Thousands of people from more than 150 countries around the world will be at CES.

Including nab legend Shaquille O’Neal, who’s love for tech goes back decades. O’Neal said, “In 1988, I became a geek. This is when they had the big apple things when you had to press control alt delete and mos d and all that stuff. I love CES. For me, it’s like a kid at Toys R Us.”

This year, expect to see innovations for your home, your car, your workouts, and your wallet.

O’Neal said, “You see robots, it’s awesome. I love geeks and nerds. You can say it to my face, Shaq you’re a geek. I know, I’m sorry.”