The 115th Congress begins with GOP control

(CNN) – The 115th congress came to order on Capitol Hill Tuesday, with the traditional pomp and procedure and some fresh faces.

In control of both houses, and in tandem with the incoming Trump-Pence administration, hill GOP leaders have an ambitious agenda.

However right out of the gate, a proposal that threatened to erode what little trust many Americans still have with Washington.

Breaking with party leaders and their president-elect republicans Monday night pushed to place an independent ethics office under the control of the very lawmakers it’s tasked with watching.

Democrats sharply criticized the move, “They completely blind-sided us and it’s absolutely ridiculous.”

Some republicans insisted it was smart, “Any time you can provide more accountability and more transparency to any process that is in place, then you’re going to take another step toward draining the swamp.”

Amid the controversy and the perceived optics republicans took it off the table Tuesday afternoon.

Once the dust settles, republicans hope to move quickly on Trump’s cabinet nominees, holding votes on inauguration day.

Democrats, however, are charting ways to stall those plans, “We’d be derelict in our responsibility to the American people if we just let, let’s do all of these in the week and not ask any tough questions.

Trump and republicans are on the same page when it comes to their top priority, “The Obamacare repeal resolution will be the first item up in the new year.

It’s also the promise of the president-elect who will take office in just over two weeks.