Some want $15 minimum wage in Massachusetts

Survey: The increase would increase costs for 70% of businesses

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – The minimum wage in Massachusetts increased to $11 an hour this week, but some groups want to see that rate go even higher.

Community action groups like Raise Up Massachusetts want to see the state increase minimum wage to $15 an hour, but a study by the Associated Industries of Massachusetts found that the move would increase costs for 70% of businesses, which could lead to less hiring.

Some workers in Massachusetts said another increase could make a big difference. “That actually does have a very big impact on me concerning my family right now,” said Danielle Stasiowski, who works at the Lucky Strike Restaurant in Chicopee. “So if it does go up, for our situation that would be awesome. That would be extraordinary for us.”

However, some said they could see how the increase could be bad for business owners. “They have an overhead that they have to meet,” said Kelly Maillous of Chicopee. “You can understand that they want to kind of keep the costs low for their workers when they are paying for so much else too.”

Groups advocating for another increase have said they plan to draft a bill to raise the Massachusetts minimum wage this year.

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