Reaction to Mariah Carey’s New Year’s Eve meltdown

She is set to start a 35-date tour with Lionel Richie this spring

(CNN) – People are trying to wrap their heads around what happened with Mariah Carey New Year’s Eve.

There were some major audio problems during her live television performance in Times Square. Her team is now blaming the production company, but producers say claims she was sabotaged are “outrageous.” Either way, the internet is still poking fun at Carey’s expense.

My, oh Mariah. They won’t be forgetting this New Year’s Eve performance anytime soon. Instead of singing to her 1991 hit “emotions”, Mariah Carey’s vocals went missing. Viewers got very vocal.

Mariah vamped around the stage, “We don’t have a sound tech but it’s New Year’s Eve baby that’s ok you guys,” awkwardly killing airtime.

As she called for technical assistance, “put those monitors on please.”

A viewer said, “It’s like a train wreck happened, but as the train wreck was happening, a plane crashed into it.”

And the tweets flew: “Breaking, Mariah Carey has blamed Russian hacking for her performance.” “The last thing 2016 killed was what’s left of Mariah Carey’s career.” “Who did Mariah Carey kiss at midnight? Her career goodbye.”

And how did Mariah describe it? “That was…amazing.”

So amazing she later tweeted “bleep happens.”

At least Latonka the puppet was sympathetic, “Poor Mariah I feel bad.”

Mariah’s people said that the singer was given a malfunctioning earpiece and that they complained about it before the performance. The producers of “New Year’s Rockin’ Eve”, Dick Clark Productions, said they had no involvement in the “challenges” associated with Mariah’s performance.

At one point, you could see a dancer struggling with an audio pack and Mariah repeatedly feeling around for her earpiece. An earpiece that had some piecing together evidence frame by frame.

At one point Mariah just let the mic drop, as her prerecorded voice continued on. No wonder this guy thinks he lip synchs to Mariah better than Mariah herself.

Mariah care fans have a lot to look forward to this year. She is set to start a 35-date tour with Lionel Richie this spring.