Join us in our New Year, New Purpose health & fitness journey!

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – Mass Appeal is starting a “New Year, New Purpose” health & fitness journey, and we want YOU to do it with us! Over the next 8 weeks, Seth and Lauren will be teaming up with Professor of Nutrition Dr. Laura Christoph and Jessica Brothers from The Fit Club. Dr. Laura set up a go-to meal guide to follow, and Jessica set up a go-to “progression” workout plan to follow!

Sample Meal Plan


breakfast, lunch: palm of protein, fist of veggies, cupped handful carbs, thumb size of fat

snack: fist of fruit or veggies, thumb of fat, 1/2 palm protein

dinner: palm of protein, 2 fist of veggies, 2 thumbs of fat

1 small treat: Extra snack if feeling hungry/craving real food or 1 ounce high quality dark chocolate or glass of wine.