Computer outage disrupts customs at U.S. airports

Agents were forced to process passengers by hand

(CNN/WFXT) – “Let’s see, it took about an hour and a half to get through.” For some passengers Monday night at Logan International Airport it was the most frustrating part of the trip, getting from their arrival gate to the “cleared” side of customs.

“They wouldn’t even let us off the plane for almost an hour.” International customs checkpoints at airports across the United States stalled, then went into a tailspin.

International passenger John McGivney said, “We got to customs and were told the computers were down…We probably waited in line about an hour, but we were in a quick line.”

A customs and border patrol spokesperson called it a “technology disruption.” It translated into big delays for passengers coming into Logan Airport from around the globe.

McGivney arrived home from Vienna, and said the fact he was an American citizen probably helped him get through customs a bit quicker; “The passport control people were really nice. I think they were going out of their way to be nice because they knew that people were probably a bit frustrated.”