Arson suspect: Give me bail so I can go stab my cousin

Anthony Boisvert faces multiple charges including possessing child pornography

(CNN) – There were courtroom outbursts and threats Tuesday from a man accused of stabbing two people and burning down a church in Lebanon, New Hampshire.

Anthony Boisvert, who’s accused of arson and assault said, “I would have slit her throat. Boom. She would have been dead.”

27-year-old Boisvert flew into a rage, interrupting court proceedings in Lebanon New Hampshire. He threatened to harm members of his own family.

Boisvert is accused of torching this church in Lebanon. Then he allegedly stabbed two people in retaliation for information they gave to police. Police took him into custody shortly after that incident. Bail was sent at 500-thousand dollars cash.

Ben Leduc, the prosecutor said, “I think he is a flight risk and a danger to the community and those are really the standards for having a cash bail. He has a significant history and the charges are very serious so I think that enhances that danger and concern.”

The criminal history includes theft, burglary, and drug possession. There are also pending charges in Windsor County Court of possessing child pornography.

According to court documents, Boisvert told police he broke into the First Baptist Church, committed a lewd act in the nursery, and then set the entire structure ablaze. He’s also accused of setting a fire in a nearby building’s basement.

Detectives say Boisvert told them he knew children lived in the building. When a judge asked if Boisvert had anything to say about his bail, another outburst.

The judge asked, “Is there anything that you want to say about bail?”

Boisvert replied, “Yeah, I think you should give me about $500 bail so I can go out and stab my cousin to death. Maybe kill my aunt and my uncle. Maybe I can cut them up and eat them on a frying pan.”

Boisvert’s twin sister, Andrea Gilbert, also faced the judge Tuesday. Prosecutors say she tried to cover up evidence.

Leduc said, “We were doing an investigation into contents of her phone and a remote message was sent to that phone and deleted the information.”

The two stabbing victims are expected to recover, but police say charges against Boisvert could be upgraded.

Leduc said, “It is certainly possible charges could be upgraded. There could also be additional charges.  That is something the state will make a determination on once we have gathered all the evidence.”