Rescuers aid 10 stranded dolphins in Massachusetts harbor

Rescuers tried coaxing the dolphins into open water using 2 boats

The International Fund for Animal Welfare rescued ten stranded Risso's dolphins from Wellfleet, MA and released in Truro, MA on New Year's Day 2017.

WELLFLEET, Mass. (AP) — Animal welfare activists began the new year in Massachusetts rescuing 10 dolphins stranded in Wellfleet Harbor.

International Fund for Animal Welfare spokeswoman Kerry Branon told The Boston Globe that the nonprofit group began receiving calls Sunday morning about three dolphins swimming in the harbor.

By the time rescue crews arrived, the number of dolphins was up to 10.

At first, they tried to coax the dolphins into open water using two boats.

When the tide went out, the rescuers had to adopt more aggressive techniques.

They used stretchers to move the animals one by one to transport trucks and released them in nearby Truro where the group hoped favorable winds and tides would help the animals make it out to sea.

Dozens of staff and volunteers participated in the rescue.


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