“Why Him?”

2 stars
Rated R
1 hour 45 minutes

Bryan Cranston, James Franco, Megan Mullally, Zoey Deutch

It’s the lament of every protective father confronted with the love of his daughter’s life: “Why Him?”. Freaky James Franco isn’t exactly stodgy Bryan Cranston’s idea of a prospective son-in-law. And he hasn’t even met the love of his daughter’s life yet.

Just wait until Cranston comes face to face with his darling’s super eccentric suitor. When the initial shock wears off, so does much of the comedy. Cranston and the equally but silently suffering mom, Megan Mullally keep their shocked expressions going until the humor starts wearing thin.

Anticipating a letdown at this point, the writers start scratching for fresh ideas to keep the conflict coming, and what they come up barely generates occasional snickers.

A character mistakes the proceedings for “absolutely charming”. He couldn’t possibly be referring to this movie. Absolutely second rate would be more to the point.

Cranston, Franco and Mullally struggle mightily to keep from sinking right along with soggy script, but there’s just so much good actors can do on their own trying to stay afloat.

“Why Him?” is what happens when Franco and his buddy Seth Rogen (credited as producer) dream up what seemed like an amusing concept, without thinking it out beyond the first few laughs.

For being little more than a half-baked idea, “Why Him?” gets what it deserves with 2 stars.
If you’re going to the movies this weekend, just ask yourself, why this?