Surveillance video shows violent armed robbery

(CNN) – An armed robbery caught on surveillance camera inside a pharmacy, involving customers and employees.

Exclusive video of an armed robbery at the Swan Serv pharmacy in Wauwatosa Wednesday morning. The two suspects seen here with guns drawn enter the pharmacy located near 92nd and Swan and, push employees on the ground, then, they order the pharmacist to load prescription narcotics into a bag.

We’re concealing the victims’ identities because of the traumatizing ordeal.

Lt. Brian Zalewski said, “Somebody knows who these individuals are, and before somebody is seriously injured or killed, it’s important for these guys to be identified and apprehended.”

Wauwatosa police say the suspects’ car-jacked someone at gun point in Chicago before driving up to Tosa just a few hours later, they’re investigating to see where the men are from and why they  would pick this particular pharmacy to rob.

The fact that they committed an armed carjacking and just a few hours later drove a fairly substantial distance and then committed an armed robbery of pharmacy, there is nothing to indicate they are going to stop,” said Lt. Zalewski.