Children share excitement of ‘First Night Jr.’

Holyoke hosts their own version of first night for the children

HOLYOKE, Mass (WWLP) – Today’s children are tomorrow’s revelers. For the 20th consecutive year Holyoke’s Heritage state park saw to it that youngsters shared in welcoming the New Year.

The festivities for obvious reasons are called First Night Jr Holyoke. Since the children will be fast asleep during the raising of the ball over Northampton at midnight, they got to share in the excitement.

The Merry Go Round was a focus point for this early New Year’s celebration, performances to attend, the birthplace of volleyball to visit.

All part of the grand plan of including the kids in what for so many is a memorable occasion approaching the New Year.

Ali Curdo of Holyoke said “We came to share the events of the New Year’s celebration with the kids.”

Jessito Crespo another Holyoke area parent said, “We just love bringing our kids here because this is a good place to bring our kids.”

Laurie Rackiewicz added, “We came here to see we thought it was really fun, he’s never been here before.”

Years from now these children will tell their children of the time they joined their parents at first night junior, ringing in that long ago year of 2017.