Westhampton farm can sell alcohol but not serve

Owner believes this would be a great first step for Westhampton

WESTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Alcohol sales have been banned in Westhampton since the Prohibition, but one local business wants to change that.

The state has licensed Outlook Farm owner Brad Morse as a farmer-brewer. That means he can sell beer, wine and cider that he makes on his farm despite Westhampton being as “Dry Town.” However, Morse wants to serve his brews to customers on-site, and the state lawmakers are considering a bill to grant him a pouring permit.

Morse believes this would be a great first step for Westhampton; “I think it’s a way to ease into it, so to speak, because it doesn’t allow anyone to pop up a liquor store or that sort of thing. We’re established here. It’s just putting another product on our shelf.”

Morse said he does not intend for Outlook Farm to become the center of Westhampton’s nightlife. He hopes to serve his products at the farm’s monthly Sunday festivals and at special events, such as weddings.

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