Man charged with posing as HVAC worker held on bail

The man's lawyer said his client is a drug addict.


BROOKLINE, Mass. (AP) — A man police say posed as a heating and air conditioning repairman so he could gain access to the rear areas of several Brookline businesses and steal from employees has been held on $15,500 bail.

Not guilty pleas to larceny and other charges were entered on behalf of 32-year-old Anthony Binsfield, of Duxbury, at his arraignment Thursday.

Prosecutors say Binsfield has experience in HVAC repair and in each case he’d gain access to employee-only areas and rummage through personal belongings.

Police caught him Wednesday after he was turned away at one restaurant but gained access to a second where he allegedly stole a worker’s wallet.

Binsfield’s lawyer says his client is a drug addict and questioned some evidence.

He’s also suspected of hitting several Boston businesses in the same manner.

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