Is your car ready for winter?

How to prevent rock salt from rotting out your undercarriage

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – Regardless of where you live, we’ve all seen plows pouring salt on the roads to reduce ice. Melting the snow helps keep you safe, but it can also rot your car’s undercarriage, and damage your brakes.

“Nowadays when we do a brake job, most of the time we use the machine brake rotors and now we’re just replacing them,” said Paul Schlesinger, the Service Manager at Marcotte Ford in Holyoke. “They just get rotted from all the New England road salt and chemicals.”

That’s why it’s so important to make sure you get your car washed, using the option to clean your undercarriage. It might cost you more, but cleaning the undercarriage helps ensure that corrosive salt gets washed away before it does any damage.

Schlesinger also told 22News there are some other winter-time issues to look out for; “It’ll be in the middle of a snow storm when you find out your wipers aren’t working. When you come in for an oil change or routine maintenance, you might want to think about getting your wipers checked as well.”

The dealer will also test your battery. That’ll let you know how much life you have left, and if you need to consider replacing it.
That could keep you from getting stranded during a storm.

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