Designing a fitness routine

(CNN) – When you are creating a new fitness program for yourself it’s a good idea to start by gathering some numbers, measure your aerobic and muscular fitness levels, your flexibility and body composition.

Visit a doctor to make sure you don’t have any unknown medical conditions and for tips on beneficial fitness strategies.

As you put your plan together, think about what you want to achieve whether you want to lose weight or get in better shape for a marathon or a hiking trip.

Clear goals will help you evaluate your progress and stay motivated.

Your plan should include a mix of different activities this will keep boredom at bay and help develop different parts of your body.

Writing your plan down will help you stick to it.  You can also try fitness apps or activity tracking devices.

Make sure you acquire any necessary equipment and be sure to choose shoes that are appropriate for the exercise you have in mind.

A little planning can help you create a program you’ll stick with and produce long-lasting results.