Tips for losing weight and keeping it off

Track your weight at least one a week and keep a daily food journal

(CNN) – New Year’s Day is approaching. If you’re like most people, there’s a good chance at least one of your new year’s resolutions includes a pledge to lose weight. Here are some tips for shedding pounds and keeping them off in today’s health minute.

Trying to lose a few pounds? Not going so well? Weight loss experts will tell you it takes more than a quick resolution to watch the numbers on the scale go down.

Dr. Gary Foster, Temple’s Ctr. Said, “For obesity research & education: “the idea is to take it one step at a time. If you do a total makeover of everything you eat and how you move, it’s really going to be difficult to sustain.”

Once you decide to make the change, here are a few tips that can help. First off, track your weight at least one a week and keep a daily food journal.

Dr. Foster said, “For obesity research & education: “keep track of a couple things – one is what you eat and how much you eat. And from that you can get calories or carbs or fat.”

Watch for empty calories. Drinks are big culprits, like alcohol and sodas.

Dr. Foster said, “For obesity research & education: “think about fruit punches, iced tea – all of those things have lots of calories and the body doesn’t process liquids like it does solids, so that’s a very easy fix.”

And exercise, but doctors warn you still have to watch what you eat. In order to lose one pound just by exercising, you have to burn 35-hundred calories to lose a pound of fat. So you need to watch how many calories you eat every day.

Dr. Foster said, “For obesity research & education: “let’s get the message straight – physical activity is incredibly important. It’s great for fitness, great for health, great for reducing the risk of diabetes, but doing more activity this week rather than last week won’t increase the amount of weight that you lose.”