Kong Training your dog

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – Kong training is one of the easiest ways to answer many behavior problems when it comes to your dog. Certified Dog Trainer Jill Haley Rose talked with us about the benefits of Kong/puzzle training!

Benefits of Kong Training:

  • Creating an “addiction” to Kongs and other puzzle toys is a great way to burn up mental and physical energy in young dogs.
  • Giving them a legal outlet for chewing relieves stress and boredom.
  • Dogs who have a lot of behavior challenges ideally should be fed exclusively from Kongs or other puzzle toys
  • Dishwasher safe

Kong stuffing ingredient ideas:

  • Ripe banana, peanut butter, cheese, kibble
  • Scrambled egg, yogurt, cheese, kibble
  • Dried fruit, cooked pasta, banana, kibble
  • Cream cheese, a few slices of carrots & celery, peanut butter, kibble
  • Apple slices, mashed banana, yogurt, kibble




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