Daughters make music video for mom with cancer

(CNN) – A familiar tune now with a ‘brand new’ message, “You’re not alone in fighting your sickness. That’s what we wanted to show my mom.”

Their mother, Mayra, as diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in October. One day, during a round of chemo, the sisters had a talk with their mother, “We said ‘how can you deal with all this? How are you taking it? She said ‘well they say that this chemo is killing the cells in my body, so I just say ‘Bye, Bye’.”

That’s how they got the idea to ‘remake ‘N’Sync’s catchy early 2000s hit, but conquer cancer in style.

The sisters recorded their own vocals, made up dance moves, and performed on Christmas.

Day to a mother who shed a tear, then, ever positive. Since the very beginning couldn’t help, but laugh.

“She got her diagnosis and she said if I’m going to have stage four lymphoma, I want it to be in 2016 within driving distance from Anderson. I was like ‘only you would look at the positives,” said Leslie Romero.

The video was shared to close friends online, then, before the sisters knew it, gained popularity for its positive message.

“That’s been really heartwarming to know it’s making other people smile and if we could just keep spreading the video to make cancer patients smile, that’d be fulfilling,” said Cassie Bearden.

Fulfilling for those in the video and those watching it.

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