Professional musician says his dog saved his life

The cause of the fire is still under investigation

ATLANTA, Ga. (CNN) – An Atlanta musician says he owes his life to his dog. CNN has the story of how Gracie the poodle helped the man escape a house fire.

“My burns are first and 2nd degree.” Ed Stroud’s forehead, his ears, his face and arms were all burned in an intense fire at his home on Baker Ridge last Tuesday.

Luckily the burns on his hands were minor.

Stroud said, “With me being a guitar player I need my hands. This my money maker right here.”

The local musician who has played with artists like Outkast and TLC says he is lucky to be alive. He says his pet poodle Gracie saved his life.

Stroud said, “She started licking my face and then she started barking. Roo roo roo.”

Stroud said he was asleep around 3:30 that morning when Gracie woke him up.  That’s when he found his home engulfed in flames.

Stroud said, “And I was like oh my god I’m about to die if I don’t do something fast.”

He and Gracie managed to escape. While Stroud was taken to the hospital, firefighters treated Gracie for smoke inhalation. She is doing okay.

Musicians like Lil Jon Roberts and Gary Harris stopped by to check on Stroud. Talent manager Kathrine Williams is helping with a benefit concert to help Stroud get back on his feet.

Williams said, “He’s lost a lot of his clothes. He’s lost equipment. Housing we’re gonna have to find that.”

Stroud is grateful for his friends and for Gracie. The poodle has gotten a lot of attention after she was seen on TV.

Stroud said, “She’s actually a celebrity now. Everybody in town knows my dog.”

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.