DPW crews ready for Thursday’s snowstorm

Improved chemical compound to help melt snow and ice faster

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Public works departments throughout the Pioneer Valley are ready for Thursday’s expected snowstorm. In the city of Chicopee, there have been some improvements in their snow-fighting capabilities. They are using a new sand and chemical compound that has cleared the roads faster than ever before.

The compound is a mixture of white sand and the salt magnesium chloride, which melts the ice and snow instantly on the highways and city streets.

Plowable snow expected Thursday

The folks at the Chicopee DPW told 22News that they have prepared well in advance, and by October, they were all ready for the worst of winter.

“The preparation starts in early fall sometimes, as early as all our mechanical plows and sanders are mechanically sound,” Chicopee DPW Director Jeffrey Neece said.

Preparedness extends to predicable complaints from some homeowners.

“A lot of snow does get to people’s driveways and sidewalks. It’s their responsibility to maintain, and people complain about that,” Assistant Superintendent Ella Soja said.

To see how much snow is expected to fall in your community, check out the latest 22News Storm Team snowfall map.