Granville Reservoir to go offline Tuesday, could cause lower water pressure for Westfield residents

City will rely on wells

WESTFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Westfield’s main source of water supply will be taken offline Tuesday, causing the city to rely on wells for water.

The City of Westfield announced Monday they would stop using the Granville Reservoir at some point on Tuesday due to the ongoing drought conditions in western Massachusetts. Residents in the city could experience lower water pressure as a result.

This is the second time the reservoir has been taken offline over the past two months. In November, the reservoir went offline and several residents complained they had little to no water pressure. The city was able to put the reservoir back online by the end of the month.

City officials are hoping that by taking the Granville Reservoir offline, the low water levels will have a chance to refill with water over the winter.