Newly elected Springfield City Council President discusses his agenda

Orlando Ramos will take over for Mike Fenton

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – “It’s a great honor to have the support of my colleagues to serve as City Council President.” The Springfield City Council last week elected Orlando Ramos to be their president in 2017.

Public safety tops Ramos’ agenda; “We have to do whatever we can to help repair the relationship between the community and law enforcement.“

The City Council last week voted to override Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno, and eliminate the office of Police Commissioner, after several allegations of police misconduct.

Councilor Ramos said it’s now a waiting game, to see if the Mayor cooperates by the 2019 deadline, that’s when Police Commissioner John Barbieri’s contract expires; “When that time happens and that time comes, then we’ll discuss what our options will be. We will see what the Mayor does with it.“

Ramos said the controversy surrounding the office of Police Commissioner has sparked another debate, the need for police body cameras; “We have spent millions of dollars on cases related to alleged police misconduct and in a lot of cases these officers were innocent, but because there was no video, we ended up settling those cases.”

The vote will be confirmed on January 2nd.  Ramos will take over for Mike Fenton, who served three terms as Springfield City Council President.

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