Mom pulled over for DUI gives boy sippy cup of wine to hold

The 27-year-old blew twice the legal limit

(Credit: CNN/WCPO)

(CNN) – It’s brought strong reaction from neighbors of hers in her Ohio town. A mother pulled-over on suspicion of DUI, and the move she allegedly made with her young child in the backseat.

Ask anyone who lives near Elizabeth Floyd in Goshen and you will get about the same reaction.

Neighbor Stacey Endicott said, “It’s stupidity, like why would you risk being in a car, let alone drunk by yourself, to actually having a child inside the car as well, and giving them a cup of wine?  I just don’t understand what was going through her mind, other than complete stupidity.”

According to court papers, a concerned citizen called police after seeing Floyd driving erratically Friday in Loveland.

Police soon saw for themselves the same thing. The 27-year-old blew twice the legal limit when she got pulled over with a 5-year-old in the backseat. Police say she admitted to handing the child a sippy cup of wine as the officer approached her window.

Neighbor Ryan Brandhorst said, “We need people to stop doing this.  Stop being irresponsible with your kids in the car, period.  Stop driving while drunk, stop driving while under the influence of drugs, stop OD-ing with your kids in the backseat.”

Floyd faces charges including endangering children and driving under the influence. She’s free on bond after a weekend court appearance.