Military reviewing NYC escape routes for Trump

Trump has made it clear he plans to return to New York often during his term

(Credit: CNN)

(CNN) – Trump tower is a nearly 70 story high rise in the middle of Manhattan. It is a tourist attraction and home to President-elect Donald Trump, and it must soon become one of the most protected buildings in the United States.

Trump has made it clear he plans to return to New York often during his term, and his wife Melania and their 10-year-old son Barron will live there for at least the next 6 months.

For law enforcement, a White House in the middle of a city of skyscrapers presents challenges.

Jonathan Wackrow is a former secret service agent. He said, “Washington DC is very simple. The White House is on 18 acres that is fenced and has a great big lawn in the back that we can utilize. We don’t have that right here so those types of considerations have to be addressed.”

Training to address those concerns has already started. Law enforcement sources confirm military aircraft and helicopters recently seen hovering above the New York City skyline were mapping out possible escape routes, and taking pictures of rooftops and Central Park for potential landing locations.

The city has never been analyzed this way before for a U.S. president, because the White House was open in 1800, so never has a president resided outside of it and in a major city for extended periods of time.

But Trump is full of firsts and the secret service, along with the military and NYPD, must adjust.

Wackrow noted, “You’re going to see increasing security posture here around Trump Tower, you’re going to see a lot of stand-off distance. You’re going to see a lot of physical locations to mitigate a lot of different threats.”

And if there were a threat, Wackrow says agents would have less than a minute to bring the president and his family to safety.

Wackrow explained, “Remember, we have to extract him from the top of this building, so how do we do that? How do they do that safely? How do we notify our law enforcement partners that there is this action?”

All questions that not only need to be addressed, but put into practice by January 20th.