Local Residents: Fentanyl is ruining and ending lives

The DEA said drug users are frequently overdose

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – One of the largest-ever fentanyl seizure in U.S. history was made in Connecticut last week. The Drug Enforcement Agency reported that Connecticut is a fentanyl gateway to the rest of New England.

“You have coke, you have crack, you have dope; the fentanyl now is in your dope. The drug situation is bad out here in Springfield,” said Jacob Rovelli of Springfield.

Springfield residents said drugs are everywhere in western Massachusetts, but fentanyl, which is far more potent than heroin, poses a deadly threat.

Wilfredo Malave of Springfield said, “It’s all over the place. People are using it to cut their heroin, it’s causing overdoses, and the dealers don’t care because they’re making more profit because they’re cutting it with it.”

Fentanyl deadlier than ever, and coming through the mail

Connecticut DEA Agents told our sister-station WTNH that the drug is coming from outside the country. DEA Agent Michael Ferguson said, “Sometimes they’ll also obtain the precursor chemicals in order to make the fentanyl from China, and then the cartels in Mexico, in rude clandestine labs, will actually manufacture fentanyl themselves.”

Fentanyl-related deaths continued to increase this year, according to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. Of the nearly 700 opioid deaths in Massachusetts this year, more than 500 tested positive for fentanyl.

Since the drug is so powerful, the DEA said drug users are frequently overdosing.

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