Weird items caught by TSA in carry-on bags

The items, most of them prohibited, spanned the gamut

(Credit: CNN/TSA)

(CNN) – With 2016 winding to a close, the TSA shared its most wild and outrageous finds in carry-on luggage.

The items, most of them prohibited, spanned the gamut. There was the bladed dragon claw found in Atlanta. That’s not allowed in your carry-on.

How about a fancy gold-plated, bullet-decorated oxygen mask? It’s legal in a carry-on, but best to stay home nonetheless.

Definitely not allowed on board a plane, is a pair of five-bladed floggers. They were found in a carry-on in Houston.

Weapons used for bludgeoning, known as Sai, were caught at the airport in Boise.

Then there’s “Lucille,” Walking Dead fans know this familiar bat with barbed wire. Even though the wire is actually rubber, it’s still a carry-on no-no.

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